Youth Match T2: Germany won the first section


Welcome back! This second day of World Toelt starts with the young riders as we start this year’s Youth Match. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Iceland were ready to compete in this first part of the competition. It was exciting to see the high quality of the horses ridden by the skilled young riders.

This T2 final were not settled until the final section with the loose reins. The German rider did best in the last section leading to the overall victory.

  1. Marlene Feldt / Gáske von Hestalund 6,58
  2. Clara Olsson /  Þór frá Kaldbak 6,54
  3. Mathilde Fredsgaard Obelitz / Svala fra Bakkeholm 5,33
  4. Andrea Vestavik Thunem 4,92
  5. Arnór Dan Kristinsson / Kulur från Brösarpgården 4,88


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