Youth Match T1 – Pierre and Sjór frá Oddgeirshólum won with 6,94

The last part of the Youth Match is over and at 16.15 there will be a prize giving ceremony and the giving team will be found!

Here is the result from the Youth Match in T1 – really talented young riders and fantastic horses!

  1. Pierre Sandsten Hoyos [YM] [SWE] – Sjór frá Oddgeirshólum 6,94
  2. Emilie Tofte Ambo [YM] [DEN] – Dugur frá Þúfu í Landeyjum 6,67
  3. Teresa Schmelter [YM] [GER] – Sprengja frá Ketilsstöðum 5,94
  4. Kirsten Valkenier [NED] – Litli-Dagur fra Teland 4,45
  5. Ida Kathrin Nielsen [YM] [NOR] – Ýmir frá Selfossi 4,22