V1: Last year’s winners Lisa and Kjalar first into the finals


Wooow V1 is always a pleasure to watch. Amazing horses with 4 equally strong gaits. It never stops to amaze us here at World Toelt. The riders in the top 5 was very close to the very end, but it was last years winners, and the last horse and rider on the track in this preliminary, Lisa Drath and Kjalar frá Strandarhjáleiguthat, in the end was at the top of the list.

We are looking forward to seeing these riders in the A-final tomorrow together with the winner of the B-final

  1. Lisa Drath / Kjalar frá Strandarhjáleigu 7,37
  2. Laura Hannover / Askur frá Lönguhlið 7,03
  3. Johanna Beuk / Merkur von Birkenlund 7,00
  4. Franziska Müser / Óskar frá Akureyri 6,97
  5. Irene Reber /  þokki frá Efstu-Grund 6,87
  6. Søren Madsen / Snorri fra Enighed 6,87


Watch the live results here