V1: Helena and Kavaler in the lead with 7,13!


After a powerful program with harmonious riding and fantastic transitions we now find Helena Kroghen Adalsteindottir and Kavaler fra Kleiva in the lead. Join us tomorrow to see these great horses and riders in the finals!

Top 5 after the preliminary round:
1. Helena Kroghen Adalsteinsdottir – Kavaler fra Kleiva 7,13
2. Unn Korghen Adalsteinsson – Hrafndynur frá Hákoti 6,93
2. Vignir Jonasson – Viking från Österåker 6,93
4. Filippa Montan – Röst frá Lækjamóti 6,77
5. Anna Funni Jonasson – Garri frá Fitjum 6,63