V1: Franziska and Óskar in the lead after Part 1


The first batch of horses and riders have completed the V1 preliminary, and the German rider Franziska Müser and Óskar frá Akureyri have taken the lead with a total of 6.97. It will be exciting to see how the score ends after the second part later today.

The top 5 results after part 1:

  1. Franziska Müser / Óskar frá Akureyri 6.97
  2. Irene Reber /  þokki frá Efstu-Grund 6,87
  3. Louise Löfgren / Dagfari fra Eulandi 6,53
  4. Lena Pennemann / Heiðar vom Lipperthof 6,53
  5. Nils-Christian Larsen / Gorm från Smedjan 6,43