TOPREITER´s T1: Lisa is the queen of WORLDTOELT

The very last final of this years World Toelt has now been ridden here in Odense. Stunning horses and lots of beautiful, beautiful tölt!
All the way from the B-final, Sys took the silvermedal with an amazing round of fast tölt and the GOLD goes to Lisa and Kjalar.

Here is the result of the T.1 A-final:

01: Lisa Drath and Kjalar fra Strandarhjaleigu – 8,72
02: Sys Pilegaard and Abel fra Tyrevoldsdal – 8,33
03: Frederikke Stougård and Börkur frá Sólheimum – 8,17
04: Katie Sundin Brumpton and Smári från Askagården – 8,06
05: Sigurður Óli Kristinsson and Solbjartur fra Kjarri – 7,78
06: Hans-Christian Løwe and Skvisa fra Vivildgård – 7,72


Thank you for this year and see you in Rieden, Germany.

Photo by: Hesselborg Foto