The best 5 riders in F.1

The second part of the five gait is now completed. In the lead we have Frauke Schenzel and Gustur – what an amazing ride!

Here you have the TOP 5 in F.1:
1. Frauke Schenzel and Gustur vom Kronshof – 7,67
2. Lisa Drath and Bassi fra Efri­Fitjum – 7,47
3. Frauke Schenzel and Óðinn vom Habichtswald – 7,43
4. Agnar Snorri Stefansson and­ Kolgrimur fra Akureyri – 7,13
5. Katie Sundin Brumpton and Símon frá Efri­Rauðalæk – 7,10

The B-final starts at 11.30 and the A-final at 18.00.

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