Team of Judges 2017


The team of judges for World Toelt 2016 in Denmark is now ready for announcement. As many of you know, we usually have three judges on the track working. This has been a success and has shown to be be a good match with our show-status of the event.

This year, however, we have chosen to have five judges on the track in the sport competitions, like we normally see at international competitions. In 2017 it will be used as a test to evaluate if it will fit our concept and simultanously secure the quality, but also the consistency of the judgements.

We hope that you will help us welcoming the following judges on the track:

Thorgeir Guðlaugsson
Åsa William
Snorri Olason
Valdimar Auðunsson
Lise Galskov
Alexander Sgustav
Nicolai Thye