T2: Sys Pilegaard and Muni in a comfortable lead so far


The first part of the T2 preliminary is now done, and Danish rider Sys Pilegaard and fabulous Muni vom Hrafnsholt has taken a comfortable lead with 7,17 in total score. Will this score hold the leading position to the end? We will just have to wait and see.

Top 5 results after T2 Part 1:

  1. Sys Pilegaard / Muni vom Hrafnsholt 7,17
  2. Oliver Kubinger / Dimma vom Moarschusterho 6,60
  3. Amalie Møller-San Pedro / Viktor fra Bækkegården 6,50
  4. Sofie Panduro / Hreinn frá Votmúla 1 6,27
  5. Mads Borg – Gréta fra Ausviga 6,00


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