T2: Steffi Svendsen took the lead from Sys Pilegaard


In the T2 preliminary, Sys Pilegaard was in the lead for a very long time. We even thought that she would be the leading lady into the final together with Muni vom Hrafnsholt, but then Steffi Svendsen and Vidir frá Lynghaga came onto the track. With a solid performance, Steffi and Vidir exceeded Sys and Munis total score and landed the number one titel into the final tomorrow.

We can expect an exciting A-final in T2 tomorrow, enjoying the following riders and horses:

  1. Steffi Svendsen / Vidir frá Lynghaga 7,33
  2. Sys Pilegaard / Muni vom Hrafnsholt 7,17
  3. Nicole Mai Nielsen / Glanni frá Dalvik 6,67
  4. Oliver Kubinger / Dimmi vom Moarschusterho 6,60
  5. Amalie Møller-San Pedro / Viktor fra Bækkegården 6,50


See live results here