T1: Unn and Hrafndynur in the lead with 7,50!


First up in the second part of the T1 was James Faulkner and Flans, they really got the audience going and ended up in second place scoring 7,03. Next rider into the track was Unn Kroghen Adalsteinsson with Hrafndynur frá Hákoti, taking it all the way to the top with a cheering audience. Their highest score was 7,8 and the total ended at 7,50!

Top 5 and qualified for the A-final tomorrow:

  1. Unn Kroghen Adalsteinsson – Hrafndynur frá Hákoti 7,50
  2. James Faulkner – Flans frá Viðivöllum – Fremri 7,03
  3. Magnús Skúlason – Noi från Brösarpsgården 6,93
  4. Filippa Montan – Röst frá Lækjamóti 6,83
  5. Vignir Jónasson – Viking från Österåker 6,73