T1: Magnus and Nói comfortably in the lead

We have just finished the first part of the T1 here at World Toelt 2017 with some solid performances form many horses and riders. However, one combination managed to deliver a performance that took them straight to the top and even with a comfortable margin to number two: Magnus Skúlason and Nói från Brösarsgården with 7,43. We are very excited to see what happens in the second part of this T1.

For now, this is the top 5 performances of today in T1:

  1. Magnús Skúlason / Nói från Brösarpsgården 7,43
  2. Uli Reber / Oðinn von Hagenbuch 7,00
  3. Dennis Hedebo Johansen / Kolfaxi frá Blesastöðum 1A 6,93
  4. Christina Johansen / Tjörvi fra Vivildgård 6,73
  5. Filippa Montan / Röst frá Lækjamóti 6,70


See all the live results here