Sys and Muni also first in F1 after part 1


It looks like Sys Pilegaard and Muni vom Hrafnsholt is having a good World Toelt so far. After a stabil performance, they pace raced themselves into first position in the 5-gait competion – at least after the first part. Let se if they can keep the lead through the second part. It was a tight race between the top 5 horse and rider combination, and som far the top 5 looks like this:

  1. Sys Pilegaard / Muni vom Hrafnsholt 6,63
  2. Katie Sundin Brumpton / Drós frá Kuuma 6,47
  3. Oliver Kubinger / Dimmi vom Moarschusterho 6,37
  4. Styrmir Arnason / Skuggi frá Hofi 6,37
  5. Dorte Rasmussen / Hetja frá Varmalæk 6,30


See all the live results here