Sebastian Benje takes the ticket to the A-final in V.1

The riders here in Odense are on fire today and we can welcome the winner of the B-final in the A-final tonight at 17.15.
Congrats to Sebastian and Danni fra Litlu Brekku!

6. Sebastian Benje and Danni fra Litlu Brekku – 6,93
7. Frauke Schenzel and Mía frá Flagbjarnarholti – 6,80
8. Iben Merete Toftvang and Björgvin fra Bakkebo – 6,53
9. Sigurður Óli Kristinsson and Arfur fra Hrygg – 6,50
10. Dorte Rasmussen and Bragi fra Strø – 6,47

Remember, that you can follow all results by clicking here.

The picture shows the winner of the B-final.

Photo by: Hesselborg Foto