The largest indoor show for Icelandic horses in the world!
See you in Odense, Denmark, 25-26 February 2022


Are you and your media interested in reporting from and writing about the World Toelt event? Now is the time to apply for a press card for the event.

During World Toelt 2022, we give access to the press section for different horse media. To ensure top quality materials from the events  it’s even possible to take great photos from the center of the track.

We know the importance of publicity, which is why we are happy to offer press cards to media. However, applications are necessary since we only have a limited number of press cards available.

Interested? Send an email with information to Line Kaae Hansen at We would like to know which media you are from and how you would like to report from the event. After deadline we respond on your application.


It’s not enough to show your regular press card at the entrance. You need a World Toelt press card in order to access the press section in the arenas.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Deadline for applying to the press section – World Toelt Danmark:


Materials coming soon