Offspring show with Hrísla från Skáneyland


Today we had the privilege to enjoy four great offsprings of Hrísla från Skáneyland, who even showed up herself with breeder Sussie Lund Lindberg in the saddle. Hrísla became world champion in the breeding class of five year old mares in the Netherlands in 2007. She is judged with 8,60 for ridden abilities and 8,42 in total only five years old!

Offsprings in the show:
Gloría från Skáneyland out of Askur från Håkansgården. Born in 2009, judged with 8,03in total.
Hreyfill från Skáneyland out of Garri frá Reykjavík. Born in 2010, judged with 8,20 in total.
Ísold från Skáneyland out of Hnokki frá Fellskoti. Born in 2011.
Eiða från Skáneyland out of Oliver frá Kvistum. Born in 2013.