Mimir frá Hamrahóli wins 5-gait Stallion Show

Once again, the final of the 5-gait stallion show was something extra! The atmosphere was amazing and the horses and riders delivered a spectacular show! It was Mimir frá Hamrahóli ridden by Icelandic rider Þorður Þorgeirsson that got the most points in total, and was the favorite of the judges. In this final, the judges and audience had very different taste, so as you can see, the judges points are weighed higher than the ams votes.

The positioning of the stallions were as follows:

Mimir frá Hamrahóli / Þorður Þorgeirsson (2/5) 7 points
Aðall frá Steinnesi / Tryggvi Björnsson (3/3) 6 points
Sambo frá Skarði / Kristian Jørgensen (4/2) 6 points
Divar från Lindnäs / Julie Christiansen (5/1) 6 points
Tinni frá Blesastöðum 1A / Amalie Astrup Jacobi (1/4) 5 points