Lisa and Kjalar made a HATTRICK and took the GOLD in 4.1

Again the magnificent Lisa Drath and Kjalar showed us who is the best! With point up to 9.5 they won the GOLD in this years 4.1 A-Final. The level in the fourgait was HIGH, and Lisa with Kjalar started out with 8.50 after the slow tölt! Steffi and Sjóli got a score up to 10 for canter – a WorldToelt record!

Here are the results of the final:

1.Lisa Drath and­ Kjalar fra Strandarhjaleigu – 8.40

2. Nils Christian Larsen and Þeyr fra Kolneset – 7.83

3. Steffi Svendsen and Sjóli fra Teland 7.77

4. Helena Kroghen Adalsteinsdottir and Kavaler fra Kleiva – 7.37

5. Filippa Montan and Kristall frá Jaðri – 7.33

6. Sebastian Benje and Danni  frá Litlu Brekku – 7.03