Lisa and Bassi WINNER of the 5.1 A-Final

The fivegait A-Final was full of POWER and fantastic pace! Katie dominated in the pace with marks up to 9.00!! WOW!

They all gave us a great show and the results are:
01: Lisa Drath and Bassi fra Efri­Fitjum 8,12
02: Frauke Schenzel and­ Gustur vom Kronshof 7,98
03: Agnar Snorri Stefansson and­ Kolgrimur fra Akureyri 7,43
04: Søren Madsen and Skinfaxi fra Lysholm 7,31
05: Katie Sundin Brumpton and Símon frá Efri­Rauðalæk 7,02
06: Steffi Svendsen  and Mídas fra Jelshøjen 6,98