In T.1 B-final Sys was simply the best

The last B-final of the day has now ended. Sys and Abel takes the highest score and the place in the A-final!

Here you have the results of the T.1 B-final:
06: Sys Pilegaard and Abel fra Tyrevoldsdal – 7,83
07: Julie Louise Christiansen and Felix fra frá Blesastöðum 1A – 7,44
08: Steffi Svendsen and Fjölnir frá Akureyri – 7,22

Louise Löfgren and Dagfari fra Eylandi ELIMINATED
Anne Balslev and Drösull fra Brautarholti ELIMINATED

The A-Final is tonight at 20.15!

Photo by: Hesselborg Foto