impressive horses in the breeding shows in Odense

During Saturday in Odense three popular breeding farms showed us horses from their own breeding: Teland, Katulabo, and Gavnholt. 

It’s always great to see horses and riders showing off in the arena – especially when it’s all about having fun and we get to see both young and experienced horses. 


The horses from Teland: 

Frái- Matti fra Teland – NO2008110172

Litli-Dagur fra Teland – NO200811031

Sjoli fra Teland – DE2010110333

Víðir fra Lynghaga – IS2004184906

Sóldís fra Teland – NO2010210001

Sæunn fra Teland – NO2010210309


The horses from Katulabo: 

Nirfill fra Katulabo – DK2009100909

Ómega fra Katulabo – DK2010200382

Oddur fra Katulabo – DK2010100119

Prúður fra Katulabo – DK2011100230

Prinsessa II fra Katulabo – DK2011200625

Myrja fra Katulabo – DK2012200247


The horses from Gavnholt: 

Grímur fra Gavnholt

Bergur fra Gavnholt

Ari fra Gavnholt

Aðall fra Gavnholt

Sjóli fra Gavnholt

Argur fra Gavnholt

Adam fra Gavnholt


Our photographer Andreas Hejndorf captured some really good moments from the show with Teland (black jackets – and Agnar without pants!)  and Katulabo (blue jackets). Enjoy!