F1 B-final: Tania and Blossi securing a spot in the A-final


With only 0,03 marks to the second place Tania wins the B-final in F1 and she will be back later today to ride the A-final at 18:00 with her Blossi frá Efri-Gegnishólum. Showing secutiry and nice riding in all gates she ended up with 6,17 as a total score.

Result B-final F1:

  1. Tania Højvang Jensen – Blossi frá Efri – Gegnishólum 6,17
  2. Helena Kroghen Aðalsteinsdottir – Guðberg frá Skagaströnd 6,14
  3. Stina Westberg Nyström – Brestur fra Lyftingsstöðum 5,93
  4. James Faulkner – Perla från Smara 5,88
  5. Sofie Panduro – Lauri frá Skáney 5,50