Excitement in the F.1 B-Final – Steffi takes the ticket!

The beautiful fivegaited horses rocked the arena in the F.1 B-Final! Steffi Svendsen and Mídas made it into the A-final later today.

Stay tuned  – at 18.00 they will compete against the other riders in the F.1 A-final.

Here are the results from the B-final:
06: Steffi Svendsen and Mídas fra Jelshøjen – 6,93
07: Emma Hannover and Styrmir frá Skagaströnd – 6,67
08: Rikke Schöllhammer Wolff and Arko vom Heesberg – 6,55
09: Katrine Skubbeltrang and Isak fra Rendborg – 6,29
10: Sigurður Rúnar Pálson and Frami vom Hrafnsholt – 4,83

Foto is from B-final 2018