Get your product, stallion or company directly exposed to an interested and curious target group. Our website is an extremely well-visited site with up to 24,000 visitors and more than 900,000 hits per month. Contact us if you want to know more about your options for being seen at World Toelt and find more information about prices etc. below.

Jyske Bank Arena does not allow posters or the like to be hung on walls and the like. We have therefore created “advertising areas” in various places, where you are welcome to post PR material if you are associated with the event.

Deadline for submission of material for advertising: 19 JANUARY

The above prices are excl. VAT and requires finished material for all media.

More information and purchase of advertising space contact


As the main sponsor, you play an important and visible role.

The sponsorship contains:

1 full-page advertisement on the back of the program
6 pieces. banner ads on the long sides
Stand up to 60 m2
5 times video promotion in up to 120 sec. on the big screen
VIP table for 6 people
Logo on website
Hotel up to 3 pcs. double rooms
Logo on helper clothing
Logo and video on livestreaming
Logo on the website
Price main sponsor: DKK 120.000,-



As a class sponsor, you choose which class (es) you want to sponsor.
You can choose from the following classes:

Sports classes – T1, T2, 4.1 and 5.1
Stallion show – choose between 4-gaiters and 5-gaiters
Youth match

The sponsorship contains:

Sponsor name of the class
6 pieces. banner ads on the long sides
1 full-page advertisement in the program
Stand up to 36 m2
5 times video promotion in up to 120 sec. on the big screen
VIP table for 6 people
Logo on website
Hotel up to 3 double rooms
Price class sponsor: DKK 75.000,-


Advertising on admission ticket in keyhanger: DKK 15.000,-

Advertisement on the website DKK 1.500,-

The banner is from the date of purchase and until the site is updated for the next event in the fall. Format: max 130 × 160 px as jpeg or animated gif.

Advertising on the big screen: DKK 1.000,-

Advertising is displayed during breaks

Format: jpg file in B format: 1024xH: 768 pixels. 72 dpi

Video on big screen: DKK 3.000,-

Format; mp4 or mov in the format B: 1024xH: 768 pixels

Advertising banner along the riding arena:

Long side, 80x250cm: DKK 2000,-

Short side, 80x250cm: DKK 1500,-

Banner ads with logo printed on plate are put up along the riding arena. The plate is 80 cm high and 250 cm wide.

Format: Prints PDF file in CMYK in the format: W: 2500mm x H800mm

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