Now it happens again!

World Toelt is the world’s largest indoor event for Icelandic horses with beautiful stallions, magical fair atmosphere and superb sports equipment. Look forward to both gait competitions, shows, exhibitors and stallion show on Friday 23. and Saturday 24. February 2024 in the Jyske Bank Arena!

This year we will again have numbered tickets, so you are guaranteed the seat you choose. At the entrance, your ticket from will be exchanged for a plastic card and key hanger, on which your seat number is printed. The card must be worn visibly and presented on request.

We keep you updated with news, so follow along here on the page and on Facebook.

Ticket sales for this year’s World Toelt in Odense open at on the 15. December.

Registration for sports competitions and stallion shows will open on the 5. December 2024!

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