Clinic with Wången in Flyinge!

MCK1026 Atlas and Vignir F1 260216

With more than 25 years of experience, Vignir Jonasson is one of the most known horsemen in the world of Icelandic horses. There has been a good cooperation between him and Wången the last couple of years – and now he also takes part in the clinic from Wången at World Toelt in Sweden.

“It will be exciting to get the chance to show how we work with and train the horses and tell about the education of the riders. Vignir Jónasson takes part in our clinics – he has been a popular guest teacher in our education programs together with Ulrika Backan and myself,” says Camilla Hed, who takes care of the stable and is a teacher at Wången’s Icelandic horse educational program.

Each of the two clinics, one on Friday and one Saturday, will be about 30 minutes between the sport competitions. The theme is “Seat and balance of the rider” and “The education of the horse.”

“Our ambition with Wången’s educations is to ensure that both horse and rider can do right – and we are looking forward to give the audience in Flyinge this insight at the clinics”, says Camilla.