At the World Toelt 2018 we want to take the competition with the Icelandic horses to a new level. 

With the World Toelt Europe Tour more riders get the chance to show their beautiful Icelandic horses to a curious and growing audience.

To add to the excitement riders can collect points in all disciplines – T1, T2, V.1, F.1 – at all three events. This way all riders get to show their best horses to as many events and in front of as many people as possible.

Beside the regular prizes for the three best in each final at all three events the riders get the chance to win the spectacular World Toelt prizes.

In total the World Toelt Tour winners are awarded with:

1st place – 7.500 €

2nd place – 5.000 €

3rd place – 2.500


Beside the overall World Toelt prizes the regular prizes at each event are:

1st place – 1000 €
2nd place – 500 €

3rd place – 250 €

At World Toelt we create the best surroundings to host outstanding events. For both riders, horses, audience, exhibitors, and volunteers each event will be an unique experience.


We are looking forward to filling the starting lists in both Denmark, Sweden, and Germany with talented equipages from all over Europe – and we hope that you want to join the tour!