Now we bring you even more Icelandic horse power! In 2018 we present World Toelt in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany. The riders collect points during the three events to win the spectacular overall World Toelt Tour prize.

The World Toelt event is the biggest indoor event celebrating the power of the Icelandic horse. Stay tuned for three weekends filled with sports competitions, stallion shows, entertainments, and breaks for shopping, eating and good times with friends.

We want to give riders all over Europe the chance to join a World Toelt event. With the World Toelt Europe Tour more riders get the chance to show their beautiful Icelandic horses to a curious and growing audience.

To add to the excitement riders can collect points in all disciplines – T1, T2, V.1, F.1 – at all three events. This way all riders get to show their best horses to as many events and in front of as many people as possible.


26-27 of January – Flyinge Kungsgård, Lund, Sweden

23-24 of February – Odense Arena, Denmark

16-17 of March – Germany


Beside the regular prizes for the three best in each final at all three events the riders get the chance to win the spectacular World Toelt prizes.

You increase your chances by bringing as many good horses to the events as possible to get to compete in the finals – all points go to the specific rider. Therefore riders now get the chance to ride all qualified finals. You don’t need to choose which final you want to ride – like at previous events – but get to ride all finals.

To collect as many points as possible you can take advantage if bringing a good tölt horse, a strong four gaiter and a amazing five gaiter when joining the three World Toelt events in 2018.

Collect points in T1 – T2 – V.1 – F.1

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 7 points
3rd place = 5 points
place = 3 points
5th place = 1 points

If two riders have equal scores in a final both riders get the points and the maximum points collected per event is 40 points. You can’t collect points at the stallion show and in the Youth Match.

The overall World Toelt Tour winners are celebrated 24 March in Hannover, Germany.


We fully understand that not all riders have the possibility to join the tour and show their beautiful horses in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

We aim to make each event something special – and when we bring the event to yet another country even more riders get the chance to participate in and experience the unique atmosphere at an international event.

At World Toelt we create the best surroundings to host outstanding events. For both riders, horses, audience, exhibitors, and volunteers each event will be an unique experience.

We are looking forward to broaden the event to other countries, and we believe that if we cooperate we heighten the experiences around the Icelandic horses!