10 years in Denmark and new beginnings


World Toelt is a collection of all the best about the Icelandic horse – and in 2017 we present the event in both Denmark and Sweden.

The concept is simple: A fantastic atmosphere in the arena where riders from Scandinavia and the northern part of Europe are presenting their beautiful horses and besides that the exhibition area is filled with everything your heart desires. World Toelt is the perfect start of the season, where you meet up with new and old friends.

And most important: It’s all about the Icelandic horse.

It’s about traditions and new beginnings

In Odense we welcome you for the 10th time. It’s amazing to celebrate the event like this and at the same time start a new adventure in Sweden. We guarantee, that you won’t forget the World Toelt experience and the beautiful horses being shown throughout the rest of season. We are looking forward to broaden the event to other countries, and we believe that if we cooperate we heighten the experiences around the Icelandic horses.

To welcome new beginnings we have also launched this brand new website, where you find information about the events, are introduced to the new World Toelt colours and can get in contact with the team if you have any questions in relation to media coverage, sponsors, the exhibition area or facilities at the events.

It’s not getting any bigger!

World Toelt Denmark: Odense – 10-11 February

World Toelt Sweden: Flyinge – 14-15 April