V1: Vignir and Viking in the lead after the first part


We are up and running here at World Toelt in Flyinge and the first horses and riders of the fourgait preliminary have competed. In the lead is Vignir Jónasson with the beautiful stallion Viking från Österåker with a total of 6,93.

Top 5 after part 1 one V1:

  1. Vignir Jónasson – Viking från Österåker 6,93
  2. Jennie Eriksson Filipsson – Eidur frá Ármoti 6,57
  3. Mette Lund Lindberg – Hreyfill från Skáneyland 6,30
  4. Birna Olivia Ödqvist – Kristófer frá Hjaltastaðahvammi 6,27
  5. Hanna Nilsson – Uggi frá Hamrændum 6,23