T.1 – Ready for the A-final with the highest score of the day

The T.1 preliminary has now ended – we have seen so many nice horses in the arena here in Odense.

At the end of the day Johann Runar Skulason and Finnbogi made the angels sing – it was a magical moment when they got the highest score of the day. We can’t wait to the finals!!


The A-Final is at 20.15 o’clock Saturday and the Top 5 riders after T.1 preliminary are:

1.Johann Runar Skulason and Finnbogi frá Minni-Reykjum – 8,77

2. Sys Pilegaard and Abel fra Tyrevoldsdal – 8,27

3. Sasha Sommer and Börkur frá Sólheimum – 7,63

4. Steffi Svendsen and Fjölnir frá Akureyri – 7,57

4. Sigurður Óli Kristinsson and Sólbjartur frá Kjarri – 7,57

4. Haukur Tryggvason and Orka frá Feti – 7,57


We are looking forward to see the following riders in the B-Final at 12.20 tomorrow:

7. Johanna Beuk and Jódís vom Kronshof – 7,33

8. Haukur Tryggvason and Háfleyg vom Hrafnsholt – 7,23

9. Katie Sundin Brumpton and Tónn frá Melkoti – 7,20

10. Søren Madsen and Hannibal fra Højgaarden – 7,13

10. Søren Madsen and Aðall fra Debelmose – 7,13