Would you like to write about the fantastic crews, the intense atmosphere and the gait of the tölt? Or do you take great pictures for a medium inside or outside the horse world? Then you can apply for a press card giving access to World Toelt 2024.

At this event it is possible for interested media to access a special press section. It is even possible for photographers to access the center of the field, so that the image material is of absolute top quality.

We know how important it is for us to be mentioned in the media, and therefore we are very happy to be able to give the right press people access. As we only have a limited number of tickets, we assess the applications based on relevance.

Do you want a press card for this year’s World Toelt?

Send an email to our press officer, Line Kaae Hansen at

Write in the email which media you come from and what interest you have in the event. We give everyone who has applied for press access an answer no later than 14 days before the event.

During the event, it is not enough to show a regular press card at the entrance. You must also be on our press list to be able to access the press section.

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