Danish Youth Match team ready for Flyinge!

MCK1139 Tinni 110217
The first Youth Match team to report ready for battle is the Danish team. 4 strong and experienced riders will enter the track in Flyinge to compete in the Nations Cup for young riders!
T.1 – Clara Håkonsson – Kolfaxi fra Lilleheden (DK2003103141)
T.2 – Ida Emilie Kaasgaard – Naskur frá Búlandi (IS2002165228)
4.1 – Kristine B. Jørgensen – Melnir fra Skovbogaard (DK2009101190)
5.1 – Amalie Astrup Jacobi – Tinni frá Tinni fra Blesastöðum 1A (IS2009187805)